Formal Building Inspector Qualification

Adoption of Building Inspector Qualifications

The approved Curriculum Code for the Occupational Certificate “Building Inspector” (Class III) is 335913 by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

It is important to note that the occupancy classification “Building Inspector”, was adopted via the qualification development: “Building Inspector”, as the “umbrella occupation name” for building inspectors, plans examiners, works inspectors, building assessors, building control officers, home inspectors etc.  The QCTO approved curriculum makes provision for all categories of inspectors including those who will inspect pre built structures such as home inspectors.

The South African Council for the Architectural Professions (SACAP) has approved the registration of Building Inspectors (BIs) in terms of section 18 (1) (c) of The Architectural Profession Act (Act No. 44 of 2000) (the Act).  In terms of this section: “Council is empowered to register persons in the architectural profession in a specified category of registration”.

The matrix below was developed for Public and Private building inspectors/ assessors. 

The following table is approved by SACAP Board (South African Council for Architectural Professionals) for implementation of registration for Private Sector and Public Sector Building Inspectors as from 1 July 2019. 


Sunset Clause:

The “Sunset clause “will be used for the  6 (six) months between 1 July and 31 December as the criteria for professional categorisation. This is to allow current building inspectors recognition for prior experience.

a) Main qualification as per Table 1;

b) Years of experience, knowledge and capabilities as prescribed in the qualification outcomes requirements, in the relevant to field of employment, as per Table 1;

c) The qualifications, will be used following the “sunset clause” period in line with the “new” Draft Building Inspector Qualification, recently approved by Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and currently under further consideration by South African Qualifications Authority. (SAQA)

NABISA's role

NABISA’s stated objective is to promote the professionalism of building inspectors .

To give effect to this intention NABISA will apply to become a voluntary association under SACAP. This will give NABISA a role in setting CPD standards for all classes of building inspectors in South Africa.

Under a proposed memorandum of agreement between NABISA and SACAP, NABISA will be assisting SACAP in assessing the qualifications for  building inspectors employed by local government and home inspectors in the private sector during the sunset period.

NABISA will also promote registration of its members with SACAP in order for its members to enjoy formal recognition of the professionalisation.