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Our members comprise different inspection disciplines

NABISA (The National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa) is registered with the CIPC as a non-profit organisation (registration K2016210564).


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80 St Michael Road Claremont Cape Town
Certified Building Inspectors
NABISA – the National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa – is a Voluntary Association (VA) of South African professional building inspectors.
Building Inspectors are the “umbrella name” for inspectors in National Government, Local Government and Private Sector, also known as Building Control Officers, plans examiners, works inspectors, home inspectors, assessors, compliance certifiers and surveyors.
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Our Services

CPD Education

Voluntary associations have a mandate to supply continuous professional development to their members. An agreement with a service provider is currently under negotiation. Details will be revealed soon.

Information sessions

Two online information sessions are being planned for this year. Details will be announced during April 2021.

member Directory

The membership committee is finalising membership for 2021 and all approved and paid up members will be entitled to a directory listing. This listing will be published as part of this website update which will be complete during April 2021.

member Dispute resolution

All NABISA members subscribe to a code of conduct. A dispute resolution process is being finalised. Complaints against members can be resolved through this process. Enqyuiries can be made through the office of the CEO.

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THE CPD program has been finalised and published. Members are able to participate to make sure that they achieve their CPD targets.

The Building Inspector Directory will be launched before the end of April 2021.


Our mission is to professionalise building inspection services.

NABISA was Established in 2016 with the Following Aims:To become a professional body representing the interests of all South African building and home inspectors (including building control officers, plans examiners, works inspectors, assessors, compliance certifiers and surveyors).

  1. To regulate the activity of NABISA members by means of:
    1. Benchmarking relevant South African qualifications, training and experience required in order to become a NABISA member;
    2. Enforcing the NABISA Code of Conduct in order to ensure that South African consumers and property owners are protected by having their property assets inspected by professional, appropriately trained and ethical building inspectors.


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Competant and Qualified Building Inspectors
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We have a COVID Policy in Place. Let's keep our members and their clients safe.
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