NABISA (The National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa) is registered with the CIPC as a non-profit organisation (registration K2016210564).

NABISA has been established:

  • To represent the interests of everyone involved in the discipline of inspecting buildings within South Africa –in both the public and private sectors.
  • To be a representative voice of the members.
  • To providing input to legislators and industry bodies with a view to advancing the building inspection industry.
  • To promote members who subscribe to the ethical standards as set out by NABISA.
  • To help establish acceptable standards of training and qualification of building inspectors in order to protect consumers and stakeholders in both the real estate and construction sectors of the economy.

NABISA Membership

The founding directors of NABISA have launched a membership drive during August 2017 in order to embrace all active and suitably qualified people who are involved in the discipline of inspecting buildings within South Africa.  Individual and Corporate memberships are invited.

Invitations to apply for membership of NABISA are being extended to all inspectors employed by: The private sector home inspection industry; local government (municipal building control officers); NHBRC (the National Home Builders Registration Council); the construction industry; banks and insurance companies (risk mitigation inspections).

Initial Membership is Free

Membership of NABISA, for successful applicants, will be free for the financial year to February 2017.  Prior to February 2017 regional general meetings of NABISA members will be held to:  Ratify the NABISA Constitution (draft constitution to be made available to member prior to these meetings); elect a new board representative of all sectors of the South African building inspection industry; ratify the appointment of NABISA office bearers; set membership fees and membership qualification standards for the financial year to February 2018.

 Member Directory

A full member directory list will be published by the 1st week in September of all applicants whose applications are in by the 26 August 2016. Updates will then be made monthly thereafter.